My Story is not on a shelf, it is still being written. My name is Shane S Scott and I was raised on the Caribbean island nation of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. Humbled beginnings have instilled in me tasteful humility. Art is in my veins and now it is in my work. I have sung, danced, acted, written, created and now I captivate.

Everything I have learnt was derived from an obsession with imitating digital art. I find inspiration in the magazines I read, photographs I browse, websites I visit, Billboards I read, Posters I observe, Transit Buses I glimpse and television I watch. My first experience with art was doodling two wheeled airplanes at age 5 and 6; one wheel at the rear and one at the front. Even though petrified with fear at the sound and the magnitude of the aircraft I always enjoyed sketching them.

My drawing interest then transferred to portraiture. The more I aged the more attention I paid to detail in anatomy & accessory. This led to me sketching apparel and designing outfits. Creating a person and their history from simple sketches. After clothing came cities and maps and after cities and maps came architectural drawings and plans. This was my introduction to an interest graphic design that is manifested to date.

My faith has played the largest role in my personal development and my artistic growth. All my musical and theatrical inclinations were birthed in the church and in the roles I played there. All my roles & experiences have been orchestrated to create the person I am now.